Premium Villa Smart Roll Lawn

Which lawn should I choose?

Premium Allround - The most luxurious lawn

For the vast majority of areas in Sweden, ours fits premium lawn best. It has a really nice green color and a perfect composition with both thick and narrow grasses that are durable and can withstand both sun and shade well. The characteristics of Masterline Premium are robust, dense, fine color and luxurious. With proper care and care, this can feel really luxurious.

Extra Green - More dry tolerant grass

We have also developed a lawn that is perceived as extra green then the mixture in it gives this experience. Many people like this but I drove on myself Premium option och denna har vi mycket bilder på i tex Instagram. Extra grön är lite extra tolerant mot torka och håller sig grön längre vid varma perioder/vattningsförbud. Extra Grön har lite längre etableringstid mot andra sorter då den växer långsamt/ lågt underhåll och då rötterna går längre ner i jorden innan grässkotten kommer upp. Kontakta oss för mer info.

Sport Pro Nitro with faster growth and self-healing - Football, play and pool

Our unique own Sport mix used in the best elite sports arenas. Masterline Super League Pro Nitro Sport is a completely unique lawn that establishes itself extra quickly and repairs itself faster. This is a lawn that is well suited for sports, football pitches, pool areas and other high wear areas. This mat also thrives in the sun and is also suitable for your garden if you have a lot of children or dogs etc.

Denna matta passar även bra för kommunal mark. Kontakta oss för mer info.

Make a golf green

Our platinum lawn can be cut down to 0.6 mm and suitable for golf greens, etc. Contact us if you are interested in this.

Extremely cold - Northern Sweden

If you live in Northern Sweden, it can be good to have a lawn that can withstand more cold and then we have a lawn for you too.

Minimal maintenance and minimal maintenance

A rug that stays greener during dry periods and that requires minimal maintenance is this mat. However, it has a long establishment time but is then a rug that requires very little maintenance.

Extra sunshine, dryness and shade

Sunshine is rolling grass on canvas that can withstand extra strong sunshine and is perfect for warm places in the garden. It is also a dry tolerant lawn that also works in shady areas. For those who have extremely dry climates and are exposed to irrigation bans, we also have a lawn that can withstand drying extra well and which stays green better. Do you have very shady and cold places under trees, between houses etc. we also have grass for this. We also have a specific lawn for extreme drought that you hardly need to water. Please contact us if you want this variant.


Grass manure at establishment, among other things, improves the soil's root development ability

Special lawns for extreme drought or cold


Easily roll out your flower meadow

Perennial flower meadows on degradable cloth

Perennial flower meadows on seeds + special grass seeds

695,00 kr7.480,00 kr

100-500 m2 - Perennial flower meadow 

Choose whether you want with or without special grass for wild meadow. Best results are usually obtained if you sow the flowers in islands and then have special grass all around.

Perennial Wild Meadow Blends
Seeding: The best time for sowing is the end of August-September. Then it is warm while the risk of dehydration is small.
Seed amount: about 100 gr / 100 m2, pure seed
No grass seed mix is involved with the flowers, but we send with a special grass seed for wild meadow that you can either mix the seeds with or plant around and flower seeds in islands.

Flower and wild meadow mixtures can be an alternative to extensive areas that are difficult to access.


Construction advice - Wild meadow mix First of all - The appearance changes throughout the growing season, partly because of the different species flowering times, the soil and the weather. Future appearance depends entirely on the species that like their planting site and choose to establish themselves. Meadow is truly a "living" product as it constantly changes its appearance. Expect it to take years to get a rich flowering meadow. A wild meadow should never be fertilized, not even in connection with the plant. Most soils contain quantities of both weeds and rotograss. It is optimal to leave the soil open during a planting period and to regularly control the weeds occurring. A wild meadow can be sown at any time but the best time for sowing is in August-September. The amount of flower seeds varies depending on seed size; 100 gr / 100 m2 is considered appropriate. After sowing, the seeds easily grind. We recommend not to mix flower seeds with grass seeds as grass seeds easily take the upper hand. We sell our cotton meadows together with a grass seed that is not as explosive. If mixing, keep the grass seed portion small about 0.5 kg to 100 grams of flower seeds. A good method for a successful result is to leave islands where only flower seeds are sown in conjunction with grass seeds. Normally, wild meadows do not require any maintenance, but during the establishment period larger weeds should be removed. In order for the wild meadow to develop naturally, the meadow should be mowed as flowers and grasses have bloomed and seeds have been formed. When the beaten hay has lain for a while and matured, the seeds fall out easily. The straw must be collected and then removed. If you want to mix flowers and special grass Special grass from us is included and delivered in our own package. Recommended mix: Per 100 grams of flower meadow seeds (50-100m2) you can mix eg 0.5 kg of special grass seeds from us. We recommend keeping the grass level in the mixture low.    

Additional information

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Beautiful Meadow (Sunshine), Simple Meadow (General), Lime (Hedmark), Beautiful Road Edge

Perennial Flower Meadow

25 m2, 50-100 m2, 100-200 m2, 150-300 m2, 300-400 m2, 400-500 m2

Lawn of the future

Degradable cultivation textile 3mm with fertilizer