Imagine rolling grass that weighs nothing and that you do not need to put within 12 hours. We offer the future of innovative rolling grass cloth / rolling grass on ecoDuk on a 3 mm light cellulose roll where the seeds are perfectly sewn together with fertilizers.

500 m2 of lawn can fit in the tailgate of a combination. Common rolling grass = 6 whole EU pallets.

30-60 % less irrigation

Easy to install and carry!

1. Roll out (lightly shape with scissors)
2. Water
3. Grow!

The roll of grass rolls adheres to the ground as you water it.


Buy the future rullgräsduk by us when you are going lawn

We at rollgrä have been selling the world's most innovative lawn mowing product. All our products are Swedish manufactured. So far, over 500,000 m2 of lawn has been sold.

Rullgrä - The specialist on lawns grass seeds and rolling grass on canvas!

With us you have support and help all the way to the area's finest lawn.
In addition to support and help, we offer fast deliveries and lead times. We have everything in stock in northern Stockholm, Åkersberga.

Plant lawn with roller Grass on ecoDuk

Rolling grass on ecoDuk 100m2 = 14 kg

The smart eco lawn of the future - Sown bio textile with grass seeds and fertilizers. 100m2 lawn weighs 14 kg vs traditional rolling grass weighing 2000 kg. What do you choose?

Research Development

Our product is well tested and we have been selected as supplier of lawn and meadow flowers to Tsunami Monument in Blockhusudden at Djurgården in Stockholm.

Lawn Rolling grass

Lawn supplied

You can never plant a lawn on this slope and get the best results on the first try. Only TURFquick pre-seeded plantings can handle this

Lawn in slope with sharp slope

Swedish Made

We manufacture our products in Sweden and export to several countries. Well-proven products.

Rolling grass BIO-cloth lawn
600 m2 smart rolling grass in the tailgate
600 m2 smart rolling grass in the tailgate
Roll out the grass roll
Roll out and then water the cloth immediately
Water the lawn
Have water sprinkler with timer first weeks
After a few days the grass becomes root and starts to grow
After a few days the grass becomes root and starts to grow. Throw on some extra fertilizer barley after 2 weeks to get faster results
After about 2 weeks
After about 2 weeks
Lawn Fertilizer
Rolling lawn lawn
Lawn slope
Lawn Smart Rolling Lawn
Durable lawn
Front lawn

30-60% Less irrigation

roller Grass should be easy to lay and not heavy for the back. The bio-cloth / textile with sewn seeds and fertilizer retains water, which means less water is needed when planting and establishing a new lawn.

The roll of the futurelawn.

Less irrigation Lawn rolling lawn

About us

Lawn lawn should be simple and convenient. With the future rullgräsduk manufactured in Sweden we have taken a big step around the environment and cultivation both here in Sweden but also around the world. We sell rolling grass to, for example, China, Thailand, USA, Canada, Mexico. 

Our rolling grass on fabric and flower meadows is a biodegradable textile. It is saturated with seeds and fertilizers, which allows the vegetation to be easily restored and prevent further erosion of the underlying landscape. (Flowers and lettuce do not contain fertilizer)

The products are made from cellulose fibers that break down over a period of 6-8 weeks, Rullgrä's products are completely natural and leave no synthetic residue. It has a dense internal structure which ensures that the seeds and fertilizers are evenly secured and not disturbed during handling, transport and installation.

"Plant a lawn, flowers or other plants easily, economically and environmentally friendly with patented, innovative and 100% biodegradable components."

Swedish Made


Since 2012

However, research & development of the products began several years earlier, but it was in 2012 that the cellulose rolling grass on ECO cloth began to be sold. The product was also patented.


Iden was born and the research & development process is accelerating to develop a new generation of rolling lawn.


The product is sold in most markets worldwide.


The product begins to be sold and marketed in Sweden.

innovation Power

BIO lawn where the lawn becomes perfect and where everything the BIO cloth ruins to soil. Grass on lightweight roll with manure.

Rullgrä - Philosophy

“It should be easy and environmentally friendly to plant a lawn and everyone should be able to handle it in a fraction of the time that a traditional lawn requires. We help our customers all the way to get the area's finest lawn. "

- Viktor Grahn
Signature Viktor Grahn CEO

Get the beautiful, green lawn you've always dreamed of with our handy spring grass. This grass covers 10-25-50 sqm and is ideal for patches of bare stains or for planting a brand new lawn.

Pre-seeded and 100 percent biodegradable, this product is easy to use: roll out the grass, cut in any size and water. The roller grass cloth is made of a unique blend and contains “Stay wet” growth-stimulating technology. Rapid germination guarantees results with this grass. This equipped lawn works well in sun and shade.

    • Pre-seeded with 6000 seeds per 1 square foot.
    • 100 percent biodegradable.
    • Roll out and water.
    • Ideal for new lawns.
    • This product contains both seeds and fertilizers for a lush green garden.
    • The unique blend works well for both park and lawn.
    • Ideal for areas with high traffic.
    • This product works well in sun and shade.
    • Fast spreading process.
    • The result is guaranteed.
    • Cut to any size - Easy to install.
    • Formulated for your region.
    • Contains “Stay Wet” growth-stimulating technology.

Price example - Roll grass on canvas with fertilizer

Everyone who buys grass from us gets a ball board and we can provide valuable tips and advice.
We are experts in our products and have experience and know how to succeed in the best way.

Premium Lawn 40 m2

1.248 SEK
  • Price incl. VAT
  • 1x50 m (3mm) BIO cloth / Rolling grass cloth
  • Premium Masterline Villa Grass
  • Fertilizer + grass seeds sewn
  • Only 5.5 kg / 40 m2
  • Easy to transport, carry & install
  • 500 m2 + can fit in the car
  • Cloth degradable 6-8 v.
  • Swedish Made


12.480 SEK
  • approx 31 SEK / m2 for Premium Pro incl VAT!
  • 1x50 m (3mm) BIO cloth / Rolling grass cloth
  • Premium Masterline Villa Grass
  • Fertilizer + grass blown sewn
  • Only 5.5 kg per 40 m2
  • Easy to transport, carry & install
  • 500 m2 + can fit in the car
  • Cloth degradable 6-8 v.
  • Made in Sweden

Flower meadow BIO cloth 5m2

495 SEK
  • 1x5 m (3mm) BIO cloth
  • Blomsteräng
  • Selected flower seeds
  • 0.7 kg / 5 m2
  • Easy to transport, carry & install
  • Cloth degradable 6-8 v.
  • Swedish Made

    Prices including VAT.

Our customers

are satisfied customers

A wonderful simple

- Leif Ö (A fantastic simple solution. You just roll out the carpet and start watering. We put automatic watering every 4 hours for 10 minutes. After 2 weeks it was grass and after 4 a finished lawn. Roll weighs nothing!)

“Very satisfied with the delivery and the product that is completely unique. Has worked cannon to plant the lawn and the cloth glued to the ground when watering on it. Coming back with pictures! ”


"I have been fascinated by how little water is used in watering the Rullgräs (cellulose) cloth. The product is really innovative, environmentally friendly, efficient, biodegradable, easy to install and also saves water."

- Dale B. (Norway, Kongsvingers)

"We planted Villa Masterline Premium 720m2 at the end of October 2016. After a week there was snow and then we were a little worried if there would be any lawn. Spring came in May, the lawn continued to grow well !. We really love this sown product. and we have a nice lawn for you. "

- Lars L
100 % biodegradable
Confidence textile